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From November 19 to January 3, restless Mars will be in Scorpio and your eleventh house of group activities. Manage your FOMO and choose the ones that will have the most impact. Asking for support gets easier starting November 27, when nebulous Neptune ends a five-month retrograde backspin in Pisces and your third house of communication. Tension with a sibling, coworker or neighbor could also clear up, paving the way for honest dialogue. Thanksgiving weekend in the U. Leave plenty of time for solo adventures between cocktails and cranberry sauce. With amorous Venus here, you might have a special plus-one to invite along!

This spontaneous energy is part of a longer cycle that will kick in on December 2, when—spoiler alert—lucky and expansive Jupiter begin a yearlong visit to YOUR sign. Prepare for an exciting reinvention to begin, launching you into the new decade as a star player. Your biorhythms might be all over the map this month with Venus hunkered down in your twelfth house of rest and fantasy until November 25 and lusty and driven Mars revving through Libra and your ambitious tenth house until November Talk about dueling desires!

This could be so jarringly divergent that you run hot-and-cold.

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Easy does it, Capricorn! Just relax into whatever IS happening and know that clarity will come—even if you have to wait for it when part of you just wants to know right now. With energizing Mars in your career house, you could have a LOT going on at work too, which can make it hard to get into that slow and sensual groove. Rather than get totally lost in a reverie however sweet , stay tethered to reality and let yourself be vulnerable and emotional. You might need to scrape past the veneer to get to some deeper truths, but trust that any secrets that come out can only enhance the authenticity of your love life.

Have you been wanting to express a desire or share something raw and personal? With outspoken Jupiter and loving Venus united, the stage is set for some true confessions. You never know where that could lead!

By the time that happens, Mars will have changed lanes into Scorpio and your collaborative corner, heating up your platonic connections from November 19 to January 3, Things should become more fun, with your social life on fire and you craving more freedom. Be careful about crossing the line with a friend or coworker, though. While date nights will be still a lure, take some pressure off by hanging out in groups or doing things with other couples.

Not everyone is going to be percent supportive of all your dating or lifestyle choices—and who cares? Thank your friends for their concern, then trust your heart—and your gut. Privately, though, consider whether anyone has made any valid points.

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This is a dream transit for you, Cap, giving you just the nudge to pursue your goals with the zest and faith they deserve. Before the holidays begin, you can hit some profit goals or land a promotion. But watch out for breakdowns on Team Capricorn along the way. Group dynamics will require mindful management since Mercury is retrograde backward from October 31 until November With the planet of communication and technology backspinning through Scorpio and your teamwork zone, it could be hard to gain consensus.

If possible, delay any launches until after Mercury turns direct on the 20th to avoid the chaos and scrambled signals that can come with this tricky transit. The November 12 Taurus full moon in your dramatic fifth house could bring simmering tension into the open. The silver lining? From November 19 to January 3, ambitious Mars will visit Scorpio, re-energizing a collaboration and galvanizing group efforts. A terrific monthly horoscope highlight for all zodiac signs, as well as yearly astrology for We love reading Penny Thornton's predictions and we're sure you will too.

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Favorite Astrology Quote: "You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars. You have a right to be here. This is another signal - from a different planet, Mercury - that in the message from the universe will be: stay real.

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View the world as it is, not as you wish it to be. In relationships, accept the person you are with as is, for changing this person into a better version in your opinion will not be possible. When it comes to your career, you do have some sensational victories coming up. On March 16 and June 26, Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck - now in residence in in your sixth house work assignment sector - will receive a golden beam from powerhouse planet, Pluto, now in your prestigious tenth house of fame.

It appears something you are working on during the time surrounding those dates - March 16 and June 26, - will bring you enormous praise and possibly glowing publicity. You may score points with the client and get lots of repeat business.

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Jupiter and Pluto are financial planets, so you may make quite a bit of money, either in terms of a bonus, commission or get news of a large raise. Be grateful about what comes up - this is rare and special - but of course, do not forget you earned your luck. In addition to the days just mentioned, March 16 and June 26, your career will do exceptionally well in January too not as well as those dates in March and June, but nevertheless, you will have opportunity.

This will be true even though Mercury will be retrograde through the month January 5 to A promotion that was promised some time ago might be given to you in January, and if so, it would come after the new moon of January 9 and the ten days that follow it. Alternatively, it may be that you want a better title and more responsibility - that seems possible too. Mark down the dates January 12, 13 and 14 for all three will be all superb and each will take energy from the January 9 new moon, which is significant.

Talks will go your way, so use those days for key interviews. Something about what you accomplished in the recent past will come into play now. Your experience may be precisely what the client or employer needs in a candidate to oversee their biggest clients. July 19 will be another key time for career, but that is a date of the full moon, and it will be a difficult one. If you are passed over for a promotion, it may be a blessing in disguise for if you took the job, in time you might find it unnecessarily stressful. Those end weeks of , September 27 to November 9, which for all practical purposes center mainly on October, will allow you to make amazing professional leaps and bounds, whether you stay in your present position, or change jobs.

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You may need a partner, headhunter, job broker, lawyer, or other intermediary to help you get a new job if that is what you want by the year-end. The new moon of September 30 will be one of the best and most beautiful of the year, and may bring you the perfect middleman to help you find the right position. That new moon will be golden for other reasons, and I will get to those later. This planet of great good fortune first entered Virgo and your sixth house of work assignments and health on August 11, You may have already begun to see the benefits that Jupiter is known to bestow, You may have gotten the most enviable assignments at your job and will continue to do so , and if you are self-employed, you will have no trouble finding lots of new business.

If you need to hire help, this year you will find the right people to hire who you will need to report to you, and they will add much to the team effort.