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The same degree that Saturn stations retrograde on 3 March , when it is opposite Sedna. Venus sextile Neptune creates sensitivity and compassion, in this case perhaps, idealism and concern for the oceans, or sensitivity to the changing vibrations caused by the approach of Sedna? Just tossing ideas up. Anyway, this compassionate idealism channels down to Saturn at the apex of a Yod aspect pattern.

A Yod apex planet condenses the energy of the sextile planets, in the same way Saturn is known for materializing and condensing matter.

It grounds this energy, bringing it down to earth, making it serious, limiting and negative. Thus, our sensitivity to Sedna turns to worry and fear about how climate change is limiting our options, impacting on food production, reducing the area of habitable and arable land. Saturn rules agriculture, the land, and real estate, all of which are in danger from sea level rise and extreme weather conditions.

The custodian, the guardian. Is this our responsibility? Have we been good custodians of the planet Earth. What legacy do we leave our children? Saturn rules inheritance, and it also rules karma. This is a Boomerang Yod.

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Saturn fears bounce back to Chiron, the wounded healer, the medicine man. The inventor of astrology, who foretold events from the stars. Chiron was immortal, but he gave up this right because of the suffering from his eternal pain. As reward for his gifts to man, and for his sacrifice, the gods placed him in the sky as the constellation Centaurus.

The 10th brightest star in the sky is beta Centaurus, the fixed star Agena. This star is rising with the Sun in the Sedna discovery chart. So what does Chiron see in the stars for our future? He sees that we have to teach our kids to swim. I can see Sedna as a harbinger of earth changes… she definitely seems to speak to us of our interrelationship with the Earth and Sea. Mars was heavily aspeted in that chart, tied into all those aspects I mentioned. Wed quakes [avg 5. Tue quakes [avg 5.

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The sea level is rising at about 3 mm per year. Now tsunamis are in the news with Sedna in tight aspect, getting closer to Earth than it has been for over ten thousand years. We know the mythology of the name relates to the ocean, Sedna the Inuit goddess of the sea. But who can tell for sure? Thanks KK, definitely worth keeping an eye on Sedna. Not much astrological research been done yet so it might be worth looking at the discovery chart. Astro Databank has some information on that. Have you read the latest findings on the Gulf spill, released late Feb or early this month?

That BP is talking bollocks about recovery in two years, when their findings indicate that it would probably take another two decades to reinstate the biological life underwater. Good to have the mythology input Rob. I think I might change this article at some stage and revamp it with more info and research. Another one on the in-tray!


Interesting point. Especially if we view the sea as female, and building are man made. I have started putting Sedna in my charts especially for mundane events. Noticed it was on the MC for the first explosion at the Japanese power plant. Oh yes, been thinking about it as well Rob. A man came to court her.

Sedna – Journey to the Edge

He appeared to be the ideal man, with good manners, a stable job, and a good appearance. She married him. Instead of a lovely home, she was put in a cold hut that smelled of fish. He turned in to a monster. She tried to run away, back to her father. Her husband had godlike powers, as is the case with myths.

Her husband stirred up the winds. Her father was afraid and tried to escape, by boat. Sedna saw her father escaping and tried to swim up to the boat. Her father cut off her fingers, as she tried to climb in.

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She fell to the bottom of the sea , where she died. A female child molester had Sedna conjunct Nessus. Nessus is the asteroid of the abuser. The degree to which you desire to abuse will be shown by your Nessus placement. You are not fated to abuse. That is a choice.

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  4. However, with Nessus conjuncts Sedna, I would interpret it like this. That person may use his own betrayal to abuse someone else. With the female child molester, this was the case, down to the tee. One constant in Astrology, for me, is how accurate it is. Astrology led me to God. How else can we explain the unerring accuracy?

    I have Sedna Conjunct Moon, I would say that my emotions have been betrayed by many people so I hide it. I only let people who are really close to me see them, but even then, it makes me feel weak. None of it is your fault. Your life has played out the Sedna myth. Study it with your whole heart, Darling. The study of it will help you face it and grieve it. You will have a LOT of grief.