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Hard to tell sometimes isn't it This is why you need to start with breaking through those veils, that personal screen of smoke and fog that has been spun over a lifetime and over your soul, and recognize who you truly are and why you are. When you do, everything in your life becomes clear, and the path you walk gains direction and purpose.

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There is no journey like the search for personal truth. The challenge of this Trecena is to stand before the mirror of your soul unclad and unfettered by fear, uncertainty, weakness or falsehood of any kind. We are committed to life on a healthy and happy planet. Our carved jewelry is created by craftspeople whom we have a personal relationship with, care about, and care for.

We support traditional arts and culture, the environment, and quality craftsmanship. Hand carved bone crafted by traditional people in the exotic Indonesian archipelago whose family tradition has been carving for centuries.

Organic and morally sourced bone:. The water buffalo of South East Asia is a domesticated animal.

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It is used to plow fields and carry loads. They are well treated and important to the survival of the native people.


When they are too old to work, they are eaten and all part of the animal are utilized for making tools, jewelry, leather, and many other daily items. The bone should be cleaned from time to time with a mild soap and water, rinsed thoroughly and dried well. The bone does not need to be conditioned, but may be oiled to protect your bone earrings on occasion.